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MASONIC KUNG FU BOOK 1 is the newest novel by The Hippy Coyote. Written under his true name, Richard Del Connor, this book is related to the King Solomon's Temple, and especially connected to the upcoming album, 3RD DEGREE MASTER MASON.

This is the 4th LEVEL of Zen Buddhism and the 4th album by American Zen that details this spiritual journey.

Follow Coyote's travels at his current website, www.KungFuCowboy.com

Coyote determinationHe'll back here, after the album is done to record some music videos for this new album titled, KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.

Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 will tell the story of King Solomon constructing his Temple inJerusulem.

I've been preparing some new stuff for the FOLK ROCK PODCAST OF SHAOLIN RECORDS over the past year.


Folk Rock Podcast
      of Shaolin Records

Jefferson Hendricks on acoustic guitar
Jefferson Hendricks
Folk Rock Podcast 16
features Jefferson Hendricks of Rhode Island

Jefferson Hendricks of Rhode Island




Folk Rock Podcast 16
featured artist:

Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, this Cajun Country Folk Rocker was discovered from submissions from sonicbids.com


  • I Got Questions
  • Life Ain't So Bad


    • Why Me
    • Makin' Love

Check out his CaliforniaFolkRock.com website
of Jefferson Hendricks
to download these songs and for links to his website.

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As singer-songwriter-flutist-acoustic guitar-frontman of the folk rock band, American Zen, Coyote hosts the Folk Rock Podcast of Shaolin Records.


Folk Rock Podcast
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About the HostTeen Coyote

Coyote learned his first guitar chords from Dean Millikan of the Christie Minstrels.

Another neighbor taught him a couple Rolling Stones songs in 1967 and Coyote was off and running--or strumming.

Coyote then spent the next decade playing along to radio songs and performing songs he learned from his collection of 45s and LPs, playing by ear.

Although Coyote was classically trained on piano and trombone, he gave up sight reading when he started songwriting. "My first songs were all written out, with occassional bass riffs and drum rhythms notated," explains Coyote. "But it would take me a lot of work to read it now and be able to play it. I gave up sight reading in 1966 when I traded in my trombone for a Fender Mustang guitar."

When Coyote purchased his nickel plated flute in 1975, he also picked up a "How To Play Flute" book. Utilizing his sight reading skills well enough to learn all the notes of the flute, this would be Coyote's last time working with sheet music.

When Dean Millikan rented Bonita Recording Studios to cut some song demos for his current band, Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, he was surprised to find Coyote as the studio staff producer and was so impressed with Coyote's improved guitar skills, he invited Coyote to perform on two of the cuts for the upcoming Kenny Rogers album. "I don't know if they rerecorded those songs we cut, or used them on their Kenny Rogers album, but I was very very proud to cut a guitar track on two of their songs. This was a year after Kenny'd had that hit, "Ruby," and one of the songs was a sequel to that story. I cut a really smooth velvetty lick on that song with my Gibson 335 with a Bigsby tailpiece. The floating trapeze syle I think it was called. I installed it myself. The other song, "Saturday Night," I cut a slide guitar part on."

Coyote laughs, "I cut the solo for that song, "Saturday Night," as well as a lot of slide riffs throughout that song on my Pleasant guitar. Perhaps I was showing off--but Kenny Rogers asked them to have me remix it with the slide guitar lower in the mix. I've got a cassette tape of those two songs and I'm still proud of what I did over 32 years ago on that album."

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Coyote of American Zen
Host of Folk Rock Podcast of Shaolin Records


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